About us

Latamax CBL Limited,A Leading Cross-Border Logistics Provider in Latin America.

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China, Network of 11  domestic freight stations. 5 warehouses located in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.

12  years of experience in international freight for warding and crossborder e-commerce logistics. All teams work in the same leading logistics system - in this way, we can ensure the continuity of our services.

We focus on customer concerns and challenges in order to provide stabile service. High-speed and cost-effective cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions for Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil are our top priority. We aim to create sustainable value with everything we do for each customer we work with.

Core values

Be a man, do things and do business; Operating with low profit, winning with quality and quantity

Quality, integrity, people-oriented and win-win Provide customers with quality, convenient, safe and efficient logistics services Think about what customers want, what customers want, what they need to help customers, and make customers satisfied

Warehousing + Direct Distribution

help clients carry out single package shipments,arrange low cost storage of cargo and on time delivery.

Sea Freight + Direct Delivery

helps customers control financial better. Help you save logistics costs. In order to serve security and stability.

Air transport+direct delivery

3 scheduled flights per week. Arrival to the destination within 24 hours. 3 Deliveries per day at the destination.

International Courier Services

More than  15,000 kilometers between China and Latin America,  12 points in logistics,  15 procedures on operation.

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No. 5002 Shennan Roda East, Shenzhen 518008.
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