About us

Latamax CBL Ltd is a leading cross-border logistics provider that connects China and countries in Latin America.
With China`s headquarters located in Shenzhen, China and our LATAM region`s headquarter located in Santiago, Chile, we provide seamless shipping solutions for our clients. 5 warehouses are located in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil give us
We focus on solving customer concerns and challenges in order to provide stabile services. High-speed and cost-effective cross-border e-commerce logistics schemes for Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil are our top priority.
Latamax CBL Ltd is a subsidiary of the Wells Shipping Agency.

Core values

Accountability: We are personally accountable for delivering on all our commitments. Teamwork: We work together across a diverse team in different countries to deliver the best service to our clients. Customer Service: We build relationships with clients that can make some positive change in their lives.

Warehousing + Direct Distribution

help clients carry out single package shipments,arrange low cost storage of cargo and on time delivery.

Sea Freight + Direct Delivery

helps customers control financial better. Help you save logistics costs. In order to serve security and stability.

Air transport+direct delivery

3 scheduled flights per week. Arrival to the destination within 24 hours. 3 Deliveries per day at the destination.

International Courier Services

More than  15,000 kilometers between China and Latin America,  12 points in logistics,  15 procedures on operation.

Latamax CBL Ltd is a subsidiary of the Wells Shipping Agency.

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